Ya Ukhti

Ya Ukhti!

Ya Ukhti! (Arabic for Oh My Sister!) Zine is a small-press publication for young Muslim women. Ya Ukhti! surpasses geographical, sectarian and cultural boundaries to allow for a more nuanced representation of Muslim women, from all over the world. The first issue focuses on Muslim women living in the West. An online survey was used to reach out to women from all different countries to understand how religious and cultural taboo affects open discussion within their communities. Throughout this issue are selected responses from over 150 women, worldwide, aged between 18 and 30. It focuses on the greater definition of taboo; the blurred lines between halal and haram, the cultural taboos that dominate their lives, and the resistance they sometimes face from the society they live in. 

The zine was designed to represent the tension between the two perceived 'worlds'. It takes on visual inspiration from both modern and traditional Arabic and Islamic design. A perforation was used to reveal the content – an act of commitment between the reader and the zine. The project was submitted as part of the taboo brief for the 2015 ISTD competition.